Shady Creek Lamb Co. is a family-farm run by Chris Moore and Lyndsey Smith. Located within the Ottawa city limits near Kinburn, Shady Creek Lamb Co. prides itself on producing tender, delicious lamb for the Ottawa Valley.

Deeply rooted in the Kinburn area, Chris and Lyndsey are farming land Chris’s grandparents first farmed as a dairy beginning in the 1960s. The last cows were milked in the 90s, and Chris then began keeping beef cattle and sheep.

Shady Creek is now a pasture-based sheep farm and maple syrup producer.


Unlike many other sheep farms in Ontario, our ewes spend most of their lives outside. In the spring, summer, and fall they graze on pasture, in the trees, and along rocky outcrops of the Canadian Shield.

Raising our sheep on pasture means ewes are free to move as a flock, chewing on grass, clovers, shrubs, and young trees (they love willow leaves!), accompanied by at least one of our three livestock guardian dogs, Daisy, Dixie, and Dutch.

We use rotational grazing strategies to make the best use of our land, some of it far too steep or rocky to grow crops. Always looking to improve soil quality and pasture production, we’ll typically have at least one new grazing species or set up being evaluated each season.

In the winter, our ewes are kept safe and sheltered in our multi-paddock barnyard, where they’re fed free-choice hay, corn silage, and mineral, and bedded deep with straw to stay warm in their wooly coats.


Our lambs are raised by their mamas until between two and three months of age. It’s not safe to have young lambs on pasture, as coyote pressure is very heavy in our area. Lambs are fed a mixture of corn, hay, and mineral until they reach the desired finish, depending on market demands.

We lamb several times a year to maintain a steady supply of fresh, tender lamb in a range of carcass sizes. We recommend ordering well ahead if you have specific size or feeding requirements, as we’ll do our best to accommodate, with enough advanced notice.


Both Chris and Lyndsey are passionate about raising quality pasture, healthy animals, and nurturing resilient soil. Feel free to ask us any questions about how we care for our animals and our land — but, be warned, we both love to talk!

We also have mixed firewood and maple syrup available.



6021 Carp Road • Kinburn, Ont. • K0A 2H0

Email Chris at or Lyndsey at

Text or call Chris at 613-913-4994 or Lyndsey at 204-807-5897




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